Steampunk - Fantasy - Historical fiction

About Cassandra

Cassandra Kelly is an Australian author with a love of warm weather, blue skies, gardening, critical theory and zombie movies. She has an interest in all history but particularly Australian colonial history and personal histories.

Cassandra has lived in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and various locations around Australia, once had a pet monkey and now shares her home with dog fur and a dog. Her working background is in the military (RAAF), photography, archaeology and art. She loves flying, particularly flights of the imagination, and watches birds in the garden outside her window when she could be writing. Cassandra had an interest in steampunk before she knew there was a word for it.

The Green Wave

The Green Wave is Cassandra’s debut novel. A sequel is in progress.

It’s 1838, the dawn of the airship era. Rosalyn Flynn, recently graduated from the Church of the Sun Cog seminary at Canterbury, volunteers as a missionary to the Australian frontier. Her task is to bring The Enlightenment to the heathens, however things don’t go as planned. Rosalyn is diverted to search for a missing explorer who has found something of vital interest to the fledgling Sydney colony. But Rosalyn isn’t alone in the search and doesn’t know who she can trust—or what she will find.


The ‘Spanish Galleon’ Mystery

Off the Queensland coast in a swamp on Stradbroke Island, a Spanish galleon lies. That’s the romantic legend. It’s said that the truth is stranger than fiction, but sadly in this case it isn’t. However, there is a shipwreck, and there is a mystery around it. What do...

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Dr William Bland

An Antipodean Atmotic Vessel A model of an airship appeared in the New South Wales section of the London Great Exhibition of 1862. Doctor William Bland designed the 'atmotic vessel' in 1851. Born in London in 1789, Doctor Bland, after qualifying in medicine, joined...

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In 1770 Captain Cook explored the east coast of Australia and claimed it for Britain under the name ‘New South Wales’. In January, 1788 the first fleet of eleven ships, carrying 775 convicts arrived in Port Jackson and landed at…

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